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Hiring a custom server or hosting for our website can offer a series of benefits, such as better performance and loading speed, greater security and control over the server environment, as well as better scalability and adaptability to the specific needs of our website. In addition, you can also provide personalized technical support and greater flexibility in terms of server configuration and management options.

Wordpress Hosting is very simple.

You will love WordPress Hosting, we explain why:

  • simple setup with quick onboarding pre-made and customizable themes.

  • SEO optimized to attract more visitors to your website.

  • integrated security to keep your website and your customers' information safe.

  • domain registrationand immediate installation of WordPress 

Registro de dominios (5).png

Hiring our specialized WordPress hosting offers a series of benefits:


  • Better performance and speedloading for our WordPress site

  • Elderly protection and security against cyber attacks, as well as better integration and compatibility with the WordPress platform.

  • Our WordPress hosting includes specialized features and tools to make WordPress easier to use and manage, such as a One-Click WordPress Installer, automated backups and WordPress optimization tools.


Please note: 

A VPS server (Virtual Private Server)is a virtual server that runs in an isolated environment within a shared host, allowing you access and control over a virtualized server environment with dedicated resources.

A dedicated server HDD (Hard Disk)it is a physical server that is fully delivered to a single customer and uses a mechanical hard drive as primary storage.

A dedicated server SSD (Solid State Drive) is a physical server that is fully delivered to a single customer and uses a solid-state drive as primary storage. Solid state drives typically have superior performance and faster data access speeds than mechanical hard drives.

Pleskis a web server management platform that allows users to easily manage and configure their servers, websites and applications through a web interface. Plesk can be used on both physical and virtual servers, and offers a wide variety of tools and features to make web server management easy.

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