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In order to ensure the correct domain transaction between buyer and seller, we offer an integral trust service without third-party intermediaries.

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What does the domain escrow service consist of?


The Escrow or domain trust service is a process used to protect the parties involved in a purchase and sale transaction of an Internet domain.


  1. The buyer and seller agree to the terms of the transaction.

  2. The buyer makes the payment to the trustor. ( LLC)

  3. The seller transfers the domain to the buyer.

  4. Once the buyer has confirmed that they have received the domain and that they comply with the agreed terms, the settlor transfers the payment to the seller.

The Escrow or domain trust process provides security and protection to both parties involved in the transaction, as it ensures that the payment is made safely and that the domain is transferred safely to the buyer.


In addition, it allows the parties involved in the transaction to have confidence and peace of mind during the process of buying and selling an Internet domain.

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Steps to follow to start escrow


Be clear about the domain you want to buy or sell

Complete the transaction sheet

You will find this document in PDF format, your personal signature will be required. 

We will initiate Escrow

Once all the details of the buyer and seller are correct, we will start the transfer of funds and domain.

  • Download the documenttransaction  domain and funds

  • We verify the identity of the parties and the data provided.

  • we will notify to the seller by email when themoney be awareelapsed the optimum security time. 

  • We will request the domain security code from the seller for the buyer to initiate the domain transfer

  • When in domain it has beentransferred we will release the funds to the seller's account, less the 10% commission. 

Read the General contracting conditions of Escrow and download the document to be completed.

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