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Registering a domain through our registration platform guarantees a fair price, convenient management and multiple additional services.  

youIt all starts with a domain name. 

Registering a domain at allows you to have a unique and personalized address on the Internet for your website or email. This can be beneficial for your companyor project because it allows you to establish your online presence in a professional and memorable way for your clients or visitors. It can also help improve your search engine rankings and increase trust in your brand.

what extindomain sions oroffer? 

From our registry you will be able to choose between more than 500 different extensions available. From up to a .store,domains of Europe, Africa, America, AustraliaYAsiaand all the new gtlds

Domains popular with our clients

Domains ".es"

Oriented to the Spanish market for both personal and commercial use

Domains ".Online"

Domain extension recently launched on the market that already has more than 1 million domains registered by companies in sectors such as lifestyle, marketing, IT, etc.

Domains ""

Second most registered domain extension nationwide 

Domains ".Barcelona"

Oriented to the local market of the city of Barcelona

Domains ".com"

Popular extension internationally since 1993

Domains ".Store"

Oriented to the creation of online stores

Domains available to register -fondo.jpg

In addition to country domains we have hundreds of new gTLDS extensions. access our recorder and begin the adventure 

  • What is registering a domain?
    Registering a domain simply consists of requesting the license to use a free domain for a certain period of time. This term corresponds to the period contracted and can generally be renewed as many times as desired. In this way, as long as the domain is registered in your name, the domain belongs to you for all purposes.
  • How to register a domain with
    Simply visit our domain registration section and search the search bar for the domain you want. > ✅ Domain - Domain registration, hosting and SSL in Spain < If the domain you want is available, you can add it to the shopping cart and proceed to your purchase. To do this you must create an account which will take a minute of your time.
  • Can I request an already occupied domain that is not being used?
    No. A domain can only be registered by a person, association or company. As long as registration and renewal fees for the domain are paid, ownership of the domain remains with this person, regardless of whether they are using the domain to publish a site. If that is your case, and you still want to acquire the domain, you must contact us to provide you with a service such as domain broker.
  • What domains can I register with
    In we process most domain registrations worldwide: .com, .net, . org, .online, .io, .tv, etc. However, what makes us special is that we are specialists in international domains. Among others, we support the registration and management of domains .es, .com .net .co .ar .us and many others.
  • How do I transfer my domain from another registrar to
    This process is really simple. You must first unlock your domain at the registrar you are with. In the case of .es or domains, this process is managed by, so there is no you should worry as it is automatic. In the case of .com, .net and other domains, you will be the one to carry out the process from your domain administration. Access our domain transfer section ✅ Domain - Domain registration, hosting and SSL in Spain Enter your domain in the search bar and follow the indicated steps. The process is easy and intuitive.
  • Is a domain the same as a website?
    No. The domain is simply the address that allows Internet users to easily remember and find a website. However, to publish a web page it is necessary to have a hosting< span style="color: #3a3a3a;"> or from a website builder.
  • How do I know if my domain is a good domain?
    A good domain has three characteristics: it is unique, easily recognizable and easy to remember. For the latter, make sure that your domain is: easy to pronounce and easy to write, since these two elements greatly influence the ability of a domain to be memorized.
  • How long does it take for a domain registration to be approved?
    For most domains (.com, .net, .cl, .org, etc.) the processing of a registration is automatic and is confirmed a few seconds later to be requested. However, there are some domains for which there is a manual or semi-automatic review process, such as .ar,, .ve, etc. In these cases, the domain may take up to two weeks to be active after requesting registration.
  • What does each domain include?
    Redirection Point any domain name to your own website. Block Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership DNS controlled Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records and set up your email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Protocol), subdomains and website location: all from the same control panel. Record Change Assign your domain name to someone else or change the contacts for your domain online at any time.
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