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What is a premium domain?

The concept:

Have you ever played monopoly? . If you know the popular board game you will know that there are areas that cost more money than others depending on where they are located. As in real life, a building on Madrid's Gran Vía does not cost the same as one on the outskirts.  Exactly the same thing happens with domains. 

There are domains that are sold for €500 every day and others that are sold for €10 million not so often. 

What differentiates a premium domain from another that is not?

They are those that for natural reasons have a great impact on the network, which makes them a priority.


It characterizes them:


  • Natural traffic: When a user searches on Google, the first thing he does is type the main word, and once he finds it, he usually clicks on the site that is called as is the searched topic. It is a proven fact, so having Premium domains will undoubtedly give you that plus. You will always be the first choice.


  • Ability to be easily remembered with the main service you offer: it is inevitable that search engines, because if the keyword  is part of the name of your web page  and your domain, Google positions you in the first places when people search for information related to this word, a very clear example is the domain, people who search for information related to the word  hosting,  will have as first option  the websites that contain this word in their title and email address


The price of Premium domains varies depending on the owner, there are domains that have been sold for up to 8 million dollars, others that are not so in demand but that include valuable keywords are between 20,000 and 40,000 dollars.

Premium domains in Spanish

Premium Spanish language domains can be used to generate targeted internet traffic to communicate with the 60 million Hispanics living in the United States and the 460+ million Spanish speakers living worldwide. The estimated number of Spanish speakers is 572 million in 70 countries around the world.  

Premium Internet domain names for the Spanish language are highly sought after by savvy businesses looking to capitalize on their economic power online and offline.

With the approval of thedigitization plan of Spainand the injection of more than 1000 million euros to the economy by the European Union in 2022, an increase in the registration of domains at the Spanish national level is expected.

The future for the market for buying and selling domains in Spanish is optimistic.

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