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General contracting conditions for the domain brokerage service

Trust service or Domain Escrow

Terms of Use These Terms of Use ("Terms of Use" or "Agreement") shall govern the transaction management and bank custody services provided through the domain escrow service. (services").


By signing or accepting this document using the form, you assume acceptance of these Terms of Use. If you are not willing to accept these terms of use, please do not sign the document or accept it on the form.


1.Definitions applicable in the terms:


"Account" means (i) an account of a Buyer from which payment for the Transaction and related fees will be obtained, (ii) an account of a Seller to which payment of the Transaction and other payments will be credited. "Agreement" means this Agreement, the then-current operating rules contained on the website, and the Transaction Trust Instructions. "Transaction Details" means emails or letters where users provide all requested information in connection with a Transaction. "Escrow Instructions" or "General Instructions" means the guidelines to be followed on the website that contains the terms agreed upon in the transaction details, as well as the other terms and conditions of the escrow transaction, including these Terms of use. "User" means Buyer(s), Seller(s) participating in a Transaction. "Web" means the website of the Services which can be found at LLC.


2. Description of the Service:


Internet-based transaction management services provided by SSL and escrow services acting as escrow agent for funds in a digital domain transfer.


3. Limits on Services:


The Services are only available for legal items and items not excluded in Section 4 below. Only signatory users of this agreement may use the services. To be a user, you must provide all the information required in this document.


4. Prohibited Transactions and Limitation of Use:


Users must not use the Services in connection with any transaction that is illegal or involves any illegal item, or has an illegal purpose; involves transactions with stolen, hacked or stolen domains from third party accounts without knowledge of the theft or domains whose owner does not agree with the registrant. In addition, our transaction agents, in their sole discretion, may refuse to complete any transaction on the  that LLC has reason to believe is not authorized or performed by anyone other than the owner, may violate any law, rule or regulation. Each user agrees to indemnify and hold LLC harmless for losses resulting from any use or attempted use of the services in violation of this agreement.


5. Request for bank information, verification of identity  and rejection of payment:


The bank details of the parties will be requested by email individually. These must be provided together with  the corresponding verification of identity and address . 

The use of a bank account, credit or debit card or an electronic funds transfer may be limited by your agreement with your financial institution and / or by applicable law, LLC is not responsible if a user does not complete a transaction as a result of such an agreement, or if a financial institution does not accept a deposit from a LLC account. In both cases, you will be notified by email explaining the reason for the rejection of the payment. If the problem is not solved by the user within 48 hours, the transaction will be rejected.

6. General conditions of use:


You represent and warrant that all information you provide to LLC will be true, accurate and complete. The party signing this agreement represents and warrants that it is authorized to do so and is a natural person of at least eighteen (18) years of age.


To start a transaction, all users must accept all the terms and conditions with their signature and send the transaction document to the email


7. Obligations of sellers:


In a transaction the seller must designate a bank account in which the payment will be made. Each Seller authorizes LLC and its authorized banking agents to initiate credit entries in said account for the payment of the purchase price. Each Seller will transfer the domain(s) stated in the transaction details sheet directly to the Buyer(s), at the domain registrar specified by such Buyer. Domain transfer charges will be paid by the seller in the first instance.


8. Obligations of the buyers:


On the transaction detail sheet, Buyer must designate their payment mechanism. Only the option of payment by bank transfer will be accepted. The Buyer will initiate the transfer to an account designated by LLC. LLC will deposit the funds received from the Buyer in a trust account under its management. The Buyer will notify LLC the moment in which the transfer of the Domain becomes effective. Upon receipt of Buyer's notification that the items have been received and accepted, LLC will transfer the payment amount (less any amount payable to LLC for established commissions (10% in this case, of the full value of the domain) to the Seller's Account Transfer to a Seller will generally be initiated within the next business day from the day Buyer receives notification of acceptance of the items If Buyer has not notified Domain LLC the non-receipt of the domain LLC will verify the modification of the Whois information through private means.


9. Time periods to be respected by the parties:


The Buyer will have one business week to send the funds to LLC from the moment of receipt of the transition documents to the email address The Seller will have the same period of time to carry out the domain transfer to the account assigned by the Buyer. In the same way, LLC will have one business week to make the transfer of funds to the account assigned by the seller in the transaction sheet. In the event that this time premise is breached without any reason of force majeure or legal justification, the transaction will be deemed not completed and the funds will be returned to their respective accounts without additional charges.


10. Our responsibilities: LLC is obligated to perform only the duties expressly described in this Agreement and the General Escrow Instructions. LLC shall not be liable for any errors made by the parties, except for gross negligence or willful misconduct. LLC will exclusively follow the data provided by the parties in the transaction document and not in others (letters, certified mail or emails) or any other document that claims to have been transmitted by the parties. The transaction document will be dated and signed by LLC and its bank agent from which the funds are managed once completed by the user (buyer and seller) LLC is obliged to deliver a copy of said document to each party. The data of the buyer and seller will be reserved and will never, except for a reasoned court order, be public. In the event of any dispute, claim, question or disagreement arising out of this Agreement or the Underlying Transaction, or a breach of any of the guidelines, you agree to resolve such dispute in the manner set forth in this agreement. This Agreement will be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute will be resolved in accordance with the Dispute Resolution provisions and Applicable Laws.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between LLC and you in relation to the data provided.

Termsgeneral issued on 1/14/2019, last edition: 01/01/2023

Document under Copyright of LLC 

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